Welcome to Boeve Universal!

Boeve Universal is a new, creative website for a high school web design student in Michigan. You may see this website change and expand as I learn how to code various elements. Thanks for checking it out!

Boeve Universal News

For news on my life, as well as the town/area I live in, visit the news hub here.

Image Gallery

For various images related to what interests me, visit the Image Gallery.

Tables Gallery

For tables on various random facts(sometimes made up), visit the Tables Gallery.

Math Test

Looking to test your math abilities? Check out the math test here.

Color Scheme Information

For more information on our color scheme, click here.

Restaurant Menus

For a menu for all three main daily meals, click here.

Schedule of the Day

To view a schedule of my day, click here.

About the Staff

To view biographies on our staff, click here.

Flexible Puzzle

To view the page of flexible boxes, click here.

Scorecards for Various Games

How to Embed a Video

For instructions on how to embed a video into a web page, click here.


For a set of vocabulary flashcards, click here.

Responsive Blog

For a responsive blog post, click here.