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Boeve Universal News is a locally run news source for the small town of Hamilton, Michigan.

Latest News: Main Street Mended

Our latest article is about the current and prior state of the main street through Hamilton. What used to be the worst street through town, with potholes everywhere and loose debris scattered about is now our best street, with no potholes in sight and smooth pavement from the north end of town all the way to the south end. Read more about it here!

Additional News From the Area:

For additional news about the village nearest to Hamiton, visit The Overisel Bureau. They are a small, locally run online news station for the village of Overisel, which is directly north of Hamilton. They have been around for almost 10 years now, reporting on the various injustices and news-worthy stories around town. To visit the website, click here.

For news on the larger area surrounding Hamilton, turn to WOOD TV 8. WOOD TV 8 is a subsidiary news station for NBC, and while it is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they cover news stories, weather, and sports for all of west Michigan, as well as covering small parts of national news. Visit their news page by clicking here.

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