Hamilton's Main Road is Newly Paved

Leading up to The Construction

For many years, the main street through the heart of Hamilton, Michigan was falling apart. There were potholes, big and small, on both sides of the road, cracks that were beyond repairable, and loose stones and pavement scattered about.

Many Hamiltonians began to wonder when, or if, M-40 would ever be repaved. James Buckany, a resident of Hamilton for 33 years told our leading Hamilton reporter, "Man, I have never ever seen this road as bad as it is. Shoot, back in '83, when it was still gravel it was a hundred times better than it is right now." Years went by, summers and winters, potholes appeared and expanded, cracks formed and widened. Trucks, cars, and busses bounced over the same potholes each day, and yet no signs of potential construction. For years, MDOT would always tell citizens, "We are aware of the problems on M-40 and have it on our radar, however there are more important projects for us to complete first. We plan to begin work on the stretch of M-40 that runs through Hamilton in the summer of 2018."

Construction begins

The day finally came on June 5, 2018, when a large "CONSTRUCTION ZONE AHEAD" sign appeared at the north end of Hamilton. It took all summer, until late September, for the Department of Transportation to finish repaving the whole section of M-40 through Hamilton. Since the summer, the road has been perfectly smooth and pothole free.

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