Welcome to The Video Embedding Tutorial!

Step 1: Find a Video

The first step to embedding a video onto your website is to locate the video you're trying to embed. It can be a video from any video streaming service that allows embedding/use of its videos.

Step 2: Locate and Select Share Menu

Once you click the share button, this window will pop up. You will see options labeled Embed, Facebook, Email, etc. Click the embed option as we will be embedding the video.

Step 3: Copy and Paste Embed Coding into Your Website Code

Once you highlight and copy the entire Embed Coding, go back to your website code and paste it where you want the video to be embedded. In this case, the video has been embedded at the bottom of this page, beneath the instructions.

Final Product:

Here we have the final product, a full length video embedded into your web page. Once it's embedded be sure to play the video with audio and make sure everything works as it should.